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The concession program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport includes 80 units within the primary categories of food service, retail/duty free, and passenger services. The majority of these units are leased through late 2016 or mid-2017, while a significant number of units are vacant or have leases that expire in 2015. Local and small businesses are important for the concession program mix.

In order to support the development of and transition to a new concession program, the Port of Seattle retained the AirProjects team. AirProjects’ efforts include analysis and recommendations for management and leasing strategies, assisting with the leasing process, developing a concession master plan, and generally supporting the Port’s airport concession management team over the 2012-2017 period. Specific work includes evaluating the existing concession program; analyzing comparable airport programs; reviewing historical leasing information; and developing a concession master plan and future leasing plans, and structuring and managing the outreach and leasing processes. AirProjects is currently leading the efforts to lease the new program, including development and implementation of comprehensive outreach efforts in the local/regional community to inform small and local businesses regarding the future opportunities at the Airport. AirProjects will assist the Port in the negotiation of leases with selected concessionaires. AirProjects will also support the development of a small business program through the development of creative leasing and operating strategies, including the use of retail merchandising units to minimize the required investment for start-up businesses at the Airport.

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