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AirProjects developed a retail and food service master plan for the expanded Terminal C at the Airport.  This work involved market and demand analyses, developing supportable space projections, and preparing a concessions plan.  Prior to this assignment, AirProjects performed two projects at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, including on-going concession planning and development support throughout the implementation of the existing concession program in both terminals and assistance with the development of the concession program infrastructure, developing operating standards and systems to monitor tenant compliance.

AirProjects also completed an effort working with the Authority and its design architects to develop a concession program for a new Terminal A.  Ms. Ferraguto managed the effort to develop a concession plan, project sales and revenue, and develop a concept and merchandising plan.

Prior to these engagements, Ms. Ferraguto was the project manager for the prior concession master-planning project for the Authority.  The results of this project included concession master plans for both terminals at the Airport that served as the basis for concessionaire solicitations.  Ms. Ferraguto led the effort to develop concession packages, including space requirements, merchandising, and projected sales and rental revenue.  Ms. Ferraguto assisted the Authority staff with the RFPs, evaluated proposals, and assisted with tenant negotiations.

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